"Journey is increasingly becoming our go-to counselling and discipleship mechanism. We started with Journey 101 two years ago with some of our leaders and are now on our second full Journey program. We have seen many lives of men and women, young and old deeply impacted and changed. What is most encouraging is how Journey re-orientates one's entire walk with the Lord such that every participant has new tools for continuing to walk towards freedom and life in Christ. What is equally encouraging is how participants desire to participate further on an ongoing basis with the ministry, fuelled by a deep desire to walk a road with others towards the same kind of life in Christ." 

Stephen Pohlmann - Senior Pastor at Riverside Community Church, Johannesburg South


β€œThe Reformed Church Linden (Gereformeerde Kerk Linden) has been involved with Journey since 2010. Journey started at Linden when Craig Groome (National Director) gave his testimony, did sermons and people who were involved with Journey (then Living Waters) also gave their testimonies. The teachings and testimonies had a huge impact in the relatively conservative and inhibited context of our church. Those who listened were deeply touched and some even broke down in tears. Openness and honesty about shameful sexual sin was unheard of in the church at that point. The power of the grace of Jesus became practical and relevant for those who were convicted and chose life in Him. Then followed training at Victoria Bay and the running of full Journey programs that still continues today. Over the years many of our members and others experienced deep life change through a lifestyle of confession and repentance. Journey also gave us as a church a greater understanding and love for the struggles that accompany sexual brokenness. Greatly due to Journey, people struggling with same sex attraction now find the Linden church to be a safe and loving environment. Journey is also a blessing to those who struggle with a variety of relational brokenness, not only with sexual sin. For me as a pastor it was liberating to share about my personal brokenness and to be humbled by Jesus using the most shameful parts of my own life so powerfully to change my life and the lives of others. Because Journey is not a church or even a parachurch body, participants on the program are enabled to enhance and be more excited about the fellowship of the church itself.  I am deeply thankful to Jesus for the Journey program and gladly endorse it. β€œ

Dr. Jacob Pretorius, Gereformeerde Kerk Linden