Building People

At the core, Journey is about people, seeing God’s children live holy and authentic lives. Our prayer and discipleship programs provide safe places for men and women to be honest about their relational and sexual struggles, and to be renewed through God’s healing love and restoration.

Equipping Leaders

Every year, Journey South Africa hosts an Intensive Week, a week-long retreat designed to deepen the healing of participants and to train them to become leaders in Journey programs. This experiential training is available for those who have completed the Journey Discipleship Course, or those who are in pastoral ministry, professional counselling, and lay leadership.

Throughout the week,  participants will take part in all sessions that include times of worship and teaching, as well as confidential small group sessions for personal support and prayer.

Key Areas of Training

Participants will hear core teachings from the Journey Discipleship Course and be trained to be part of ministry teams with topics including:

  • God’s intention: relationships and sexuality

  • Understanding relational and sexual struggles

  • Gender and our identity

  • Understanding abuse and addiction

  • Discipleship and healing

  • Small group dynamics

  • Effective prayer ministry

  • Overview of Journey South Africa

  • How to facilitate a Journey course


Participants on Volmoed 2019

"I feel like I've been taught how to sit with the Father in truth, bringing all of me. To risk."

"[I experienced] coming to Jesus, giving pain, receiving identity."

"Jesus not only took my sins on the cross, but my pain too."