Journey South Africa is a community-based, Christ-centred discipleship ministry that exists to help people find hope and live life through experiencing Jesus in their relationships, sexuality and identity.

The secret parts of people’s lives have been kept secret for far too long. These dark places have wreaked havoc, causing many men and women in the church to despair and give up hope.

That’s the reason Journey South Africa exists—to help bring freedom in those who are addicted, abused and confused (Isaiah 61). Our desire is to see God’s people live the full and healthy lives He intended.

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We are community-based

We partner with churches to offer safe places for spiritual care and experiential discipleship, for people who struggle with a variety of relational issues. We are supported by and involved with churches of various backgrounds and sizes.

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We are Christ-centred

We believe Jesus is the source of all healing, and that personal healing is a process, not a one-time event. Our courses point people to Christ, the all-sufficient One who desires to heal our relationships and be present on the journey to understanding identity, sexuality and wholeness. All our programs include the worship of God, the biblical teaching of brokenness, and the ministry of prayer.

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We are discipleship-oriented

Our programs are led by women and men who have experienced relational and sexual healing in their own lives. They have been trained as volunteers. Because our leaders can identify with the struggles, hurts and helplessness that participants face, they lead and mentor them by example. As a result, program participants see firsthand how God changes lives.